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Photo ID

Student ID Cards

Initial ID is free.

Have your student ID number ready. It is the ONLY way we can locate your record to issue you an UCI ID card.

Faculty / Staff ID Cards

Initial ID is free.

We can look up staff/faculty members by their names or by their ID numbers.

Staff / Faculty MUST be the following appointment types to be eligible for an ID card.

  • Appointment type 1 50% time or more.
  • Appointment type 2
  • Appointment type 3 50% time or more.
  • Appointment type 5

Please call 949.824.4455 beforehand to verify that your ID is in our system.

Replacement ID Cards

Lost / Stolen ID is $20

Damaged / Broken ID is $10 with the damaged ID returned to The Hill.

Please call us at 949.824.4455 for more information.